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Easton Place Design


Easton Place Designs

“keeping the handwritten note in fashion!”

Easton Place Designs features the artwork and creativity
of Patti Wunder: Purdue University graduate, former educator, now wife, mother of two and tennis fanatic. Besides her love of fine papers and sweet illustrations, Patti also makes time everyday for music, chocolate and her goldendoodle, Aggie.  This one time mid-west girl now lives, plays and works in the countryside of New England, not far from New York City.

Now you know a little bit about the lovely owner, how about what to shop for this holiday season. . .

Many of us send out holiday cards, and with that personal touch of an artist’s design, what a perfect way to send a little bit of beautiful artwork to all those relatives who we reach out to at this time of year.
OR . . .
A personalized set of note cards makes the perfect gift for the teacher, coworker, or volunteer in our lives.  Combine it with a set of address labels and you have a perfect pair that lets the recipient knows it was a gift bought just for them!


Promoting a Good Idea


 So I started a small business this year.  In a nutshell, this is what the last eleven months have looked like:

  • Had a partner, do not have a partner (she moved, and I miss her )
  • Had a biz name, have a new biz name (first lesson in TM’ing) 🙂
  • Had a logo designed, had a new logo designed (met a very nice Trademark lawyer)
  • Registered business name at the courthouse
  • Opened a biz facebook page, twitter account, blog (then again with the new name)
  • Opened a bank acct, Paypal acct, and Etsy shop
  • Created business cards, stickers, tags, packaging (2x)
  • One Fall Festival completed, One Holiday Craft show booked
  • Marketing, Marketing, Marketing
  • Networking, Networking, Networking
  • Sales, Sales, Sales

Phew I’m tired, and where the heck is the SOAP?!

Here’s the point. . . I can now appreciate my fellow small business owners. For all the hard work and determination that goes into starting and maintaining a small business, I would like to dedicate this month’s posts to some pretty cool shop owners. So from now until November 26th, Small Business Saturday, keep your eyes peeled for great ideas for the upcoming holiday shopping season and help support more small businesses!