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E and F are for slacker… What?


E and F are for slacker... What?

Ok ok ok. March has been a busy month so far and today was the day I planned to come up for air or maybe a green beer. But guess what??? Northern VA is under a foot of snow and we are again, all five of us enjoying each others company for the day.

Yet I am “determined” to share my E and F. I can not let these letters run away from me, “dyslexic” or not!!! 🙂 So here we go!

Recently, some of you know, I presented at a national conference for Decoding Dyslexia. I prepared 3 presentations, spoke in front of 100+ people and lived to see another day. It was exhilarating, exhausting and fulfilling all at once. (did you catch that “sandwich” approach? two positives around the negative…) Totally out of my comfort zone but so worth every stressful moment.

So my E is exhaustion but qualified by the F of complete fulfillment that comes from giving all you got!!




Did you say spare time???

Decoding Dyslexia VA

Owning a small business and being a mom are not exclusive, right? We all know that! What do they call that thing we all strive for…? Balance, hmmmm. Well I am thinking it might be over rated. I am remembering as a child standing on the center of the teeter totter, no riders and attempting to get the two side equal. Nearly impossible and everyone else is running around like crazy having a good time.

This is what is going to send my life into the next set of crazy and I can not wait. As a mom of a dyslexic who has been fighting solo for the last 6 years for appropriate programs for my son, I now have a group or maybe a little army of lovely and fired up parents who are ready to see change happen at a state level for their children.

So small business owner, mom, volunteer, balance…. I think I am opting for running around like crazy and having a good time!