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H is for….





Falling behind in this very busy time of the year and I realized my “H” as I was stressing that I hadn’t completed my “H”.

Are you ready?? Help… HELP!!! Help is my H.

What a strange little word, that carries so much weight.

“Offer help.”
“Ask for help.”

Simple right?? hmmmm Wait a second. Betting you have already attributed a couple of adjectives to the person speaking those simple statements.

Offering help… Kind, knowledgeable, wise, thoughtful, nice

Ask for help…. overwhelmed, stress, lost, sick

Wow right?! So here is my story, I have found myself, at times, in the need of help for the simple reason that I over extended my offer to help others. That just seems Crazy?  My jobs right now can be summed up in a couple of words:  mom, wife and volunteer, oh yeah and I still make soap too. 🙂  And I would have to say I am most happy when I have the chance to help others, and most stressed when I have to ask for help.  So I am thinking it is just one little word and regardless of if you are the giver or the recipient, it’s all good!



I say G is for….




So it is April 1 and I am feeling a little silly. Just read an entire article which got me all bent out of shape, I mean bent, like calling to my hubby half way through, “Oh my goodness you have got to read this, I can’t believe they are doing this.” bent….Then I got to the last line which reminded me that today is April Fool’s Day! Yes, I laughed at myself and it was a good start to the day!

So are you ready for my G?

Three little letters, GAB. It’s a glib word but I feel like it sort of fits me and my story. And Guess what, I am going to tell you why. 🙂

Ok let’s start with the definition:
Gab: verb – to talk a lot in an informal way usually about things that are not important or serious

Now stick with me here, ok? It says “usually about things that are not important” and what I am going to say is that gabbing to me is taking a serious conversation or topic and bring it to an informal level so we can really get to the heart of the matter.
Too much of a stretch?
Nah, I gab with folks all over the country at this point about learning disabilities, state and national awareness campaigns, state level legislation, and things I never thought I would get on the phone and discuss. And not only “discuss” but rattle on and listen in an informal manner and form real connections and relationships.

Maybe because writing does not make my top ten favorite things to do, or because reading an email longer than 4 lines seems overwhelming or maybe just because I like the sound a voice. I don’t know…but I do know I would rather hear it and talk about it.

So here is my final little thought on Gabbing. It’s serious stuff. When you talk to someone about a topic you accomplish a mission, when you gab with someone about stuff you form a relationship.

B is for ……


Well I for one have been having a blast following everyone, and stumbling on new peeps who have decided to join in this challenge!

I am going to try to recap from memory all the “A’s” floating around out there. And remind me if I miss a couple, please!!

And somewhere along the way I saw #amazeballs!!! Thank you to each of you who joined in and made this kick off so much fun! I am beyond excited to get going with “B”.


Ok my plan for “B” is to let you all in on a little more of my story.  My pick for “B” is Books.  And when I says Books define my story, I mean all that books stand for in my little world.  Books in my life stand for learning, connecting, challenging, and some times decorating. 🙂  Over the next two weeks, I will do my best to share how books play such a big part of my story!



A is for…..


It’s January 1, 2014!  Are you ready to #tellyourstory2014?

Ok just a quick run down before I start!

26 letters, 52 weeks

A through Z, one word at a time! Tell your story!

Post it, tweet it, blog it, instagram it!!  Join us anywhere you want, just add the hashtag #tellyourstory2014!

A little help to get you started!  Go ahead, click it and print it!


Now what?  Get those creative juices flowing.  Write about it; a sentence, a thought, a quote or take a picture of it, create it, you can even bake it!  It’s your story! #tellyourstory2014

OK I will go first!

A is for…..


1:  the way you think and feel about someone or something

2:  a feeling or way of thinking that affects a person’s behavior

And Winston Church (that super smart guy that left us with a ton of quotes) says “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.


And I say:  “Love that all we have to do as humans is adjust our attitudes and the world in front of us shifts ever so slightly!  Positive, good, happy motivated, energized, determined; any one of those is a great place to start the new year, a new project, or a new business approach!!”

Ok, over the next couple of weeks I will continue to share my Attitude!!! 🙂

Find me over on Facebooktwitter or instagram , hashtag your “A” with #tellyourstory2014 and we will connect and keep it going!!

See, how easy was that!!!  One letter down 25 to go!!!

Cheers to the new year!!





ABCs of 2014

Got it? Any questions?
* Start your list of words, A-Z.
* Every two weeks, tweet it, post it, instagram it, or blog it!
Take a picture, write a story or a sentence, make it, bake it, create it!
We don’t care! 🙂
Just share your story.
* Don’t forget your #hashtag, #tellyourstory2014

Looking forward to a great year!