E and F are for slacker… What?


E and F are for slacker... What?

Ok ok ok. March has been a busy month so far and today was the day I planned to come up for air or maybe a green beer. But guess what??? Northern VA is under a foot of snow and we are again, all five of us enjoying each others company for the day.

Yet I am “determined” to share my E and F. I can not let these letters run away from me, “dyslexic” or not!!! 🙂 So here we go!

Recently, some of you know, I presented at a national conference for Decoding Dyslexia. I prepared 3 presentations, spoke in front of 100+ people and lived to see another day. It was exhilarating, exhausting and fulfilling all at once. (did you catch that “sandwich” approach? two positives around the negative…) Totally out of my comfort zone but so worth every stressful moment.

So my E is exhaustion but qualified by the F of complete fulfillment that comes from giving all you got!!


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  1. I love it and your “sandwich” approach! I’m also with Michelle…you are an inspiration! Isn’t it interesting where God is taking you? Thanks so much for sharing this!

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