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Did you say spare time???

Decoding Dyslexia VA

Owning a small business and being a mom are not exclusive, right? We all know that! What do they call that thing we all strive for…? Balance, hmmmm. Well I am thinking it might be over rated. I am remembering as a child standing on the center of the teeter totter, no riders and attempting to get the two side equal. Nearly impossible and everyone else is running around like crazy having a good time.

This is what is going to send my life into the next set of crazy and I can not wait. As a mom of a dyslexic who has been fighting solo for the last 6 years for appropriate programs for my son, I now have a group or maybe a little army of lovely and fired up parents who are ready to see change happen at a state level for their children.

So small business owner, mom, volunteer, balance…. I think I am opting for running around like crazy and having a good time!